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Playing Card Workout

At my PT session earlier in the week with Tony from Marke Fitness I was introduced to the playing card workout. Simple enough:

  1. PT draws a club, a heart, a diamond and a spade on the board.
  2. Next to each symbol he puts an exercise.
  3. PT pulls out a pack of cards and turns over the top card.
  4. 9 of hearts - 9 kettle bell swings - away you go.
  5. After 10 cards, 10 burpees and a 2 minute rest.

Heart - Kettle Bell Swing

Diamond - Press-up

Spade - Dumbbell Lunge

Club - Straight arm palm up dumbbell raise with a pull back

After 10 cards - 10 burpees + 2 min rest

Give it a go!