Whoosh! There goes 2010.. Bring on 2011 I’m ready for you!!!

My blog is still here! With the upturn in Facebook and Twitter over the last 12 months I’ve not posted much as I guess l’ve become a bit of a FB’aholic and am fascinated by it from a professional point of view. The introduction of AJAX powered chat in a browser has seen a lot of my friends contacting me via FB chat and the private message system provides more personal messages than I get through email. From a cynical standpoint, FB is potentially very sinister as they’ve got too big but the same could have been said about Google a few years ago but their star has waned slightly. Twitter was also meant to take over the World but within my group of friends it’s been eclipsed by FB too. It’s going to be interesting to see what comes next and in the meantime I’m very interested in L7 firewall appliances… Getting geeky now so I’ll move on! 2010 brought us the iPad.. No surprise that I have one and I’m sat in Starbucks typing this on it. I’m trying hard to justify having an iPad. It’s a gorgeous piece of kit but I think I could have happily managed without it, using a combination of my smart phone and my laptop. I don’t need a middle device. The iPad is useful in the office on my own 3G connection though. Sometimes there’s something I’d like to do on my own kit and my own net connection but feel once again that it’s overkill. I mentioned smart phones. This year I’ve been rocking an iPhone 3GS as my main phone and have had a few different work phones. A Vodafone 360 handset was the least useful during an eat my own dogfood phase. No surprises that Vodafone have stopped developing their own handsets. I had a HTC Desire – that was a highlight. The functionality and feature set is much richer than the iPhone but it doesn’t have the same polished user experience as the iPhone. I did like the portable wifi hotspot feature though; something I’d consider jail breaking my iPhone for.. My latest work phone is an iPhone 4. Nice upgrade to the 3GS. Finally a camera flash! The battery life is better and the screen is good but it’s not worth paying for an upgrade. I’m eligible for an upgrade at the moment but that would reset the timer on my 24 month contract. No thanks! The future is SIM free, maybe Google Nexus S shaped and powered by giffgaff. 2010 saw me finally get rid of the Beemer. I’m running around in a Golf and whilst it’s nice with a hefty punch and gokart handing I miss the comfort of the old girl, especially on long motorway runs. I also miss getting the back end out around roundabouts plus VW traction control doesn’t understand that I want lift off oversteer! I’ve still got the R3. Thinking about an upgrade but will have to see how finances are looking when Spring approaches. I know what I’d like but it depends what sort of part-ex I can get for the yellow beast. So 2011… What will it bring? I dunno! But I do know that I’m in charge and I’m going to make it a good one! Please join me for the ride!!


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