Macbook Air

Even Terry Wogan knew about the new Apple Macbook Air, mentioning it by name on yesterday morning’s Wake Up With Wogan! What a great piece of marketing Apple!

It doesn’t stop there.. The spec of the box is lower than the entry level MacBook which is half the price, or a third of the price if you don’t the flash memory based version.

So do I want one? Well if you’re feeling extremely generous then feel free to visit the Mac Store and pop one in the post to me, oh and make it the more expensive flash based version. But to be honest I don’t want one. I’m quite happy with my bullet proof 13″ Power Book so I’m going to stick with it until it stops… or I win the lottery. Ha ha.

My mate David pointed me at the Airmail laptop sleeve. At first I thought they were taking the mick but then I read the blurb and it’s a vinyl, fleece lined affair. Genius! I think that they’re selling it cheap though – someone who’s willing to drop $2k on a low spec but sexy looking laptop would pay more than $30!


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