Always ask before opening this file

I’ve got a shortcut to PuTTY in the quick launch area of my Windows Vista toolbar. It’s always asking me if it’s okay to open the file as it comes from what Microsoft would say is an ‘untrusted source’. Untrusted could be said to be another word for ‘unwilling to pay Microsoft’ if I was being cynical.

Anyway I digress… There’s a tick box with the sentence ‘Always ask before opening this file’ that doesn’t work. I’ve put up with it for a while but decided to Google for an answer today and came up with this link:

Thanks Robert for working this barmy situation out: must “Unblock” the application from it’s original file location. By original file location I mean the location where you downloaded it to. If you move the file before unblocking, you will never be able to unblock the file unless you delete it and redownload the file. If the file you need to unblock came in a zip, you need to unblock the zip before extracting the contents.

It seems crazy but it works!


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