Why Mac’s are great..

Yesterday morning I reached for my faithful Mac PowerBook G4. The night before I’d put on the latest patch sets and rather than reboot I simply powered the laptop off. Powering it back on seemed to take forever, which in reality was probably about three or four minutes. It made me realise how much time I save each and every time I simply open the lid, type in my password and away I go. The PowerBook on standby will last four or five days without use which all the PC laptops I’ve ever used won’t do, forcing me to use the sometimes flakey XP hibernate function. But the future may be grim as my recent short lived upgrade to a MacBookPro highlighted. The MBP didn’t have anywhere near the standby capacity of the old model, lasting 24 hours without mains power before it ran out of juice. That on top of the heavy MBP power supply (I know I’m being picky but I have to carry the thing!), large footprint and the heat generated on my lap during use mean that I’m not missing it. To be honest I’m blissfully happy with my faithful old PowerBook. Long may it last.


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