Got a new phone today – a SonyEricsson K850i. It’s to replace my K800i for no other reason than I fancied a change and I was out of contract.

First impressions of the phone are favourable. The user interface has changed with the addition of three ‘soft buttons’ along the bottom of the screen which are quite natty. There’s also an accelerometer inside the phone so the phone is aware of which way up it’s being held and at times changes the screen from landscape to portrait accordingly. The screen is bigger than the K800i.

I’ve not tried out the 5 megapixel camera yet. The automatic lense cap is neat but I’m sure that it’ll be the first thing to break now that the fluff in the joystick has been negated; there’s now a raised frame around the 2 and 5 keys that you used for navigation.

I’ve installed Opera Mini Beta 4 which works well.

Sky’s mobile recording software was a bit of a faff to get working. I should be able to go to


and everything work but the phone isn’t supported so I had to download the jar file directly:



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