Why Welsh rugby will never prosper

Wales haven’t made the quarter finals of the World Cup after a dismal performance against Fiji last weekend. Not wanting to take anything away from Fiji, they beat Wales fair and square on the day, but with all of the talent and experience in the Welsh squad (and outside it – but that’s a rant for another day!), Wales shouldn’t have been troubled.

The coach has been ditched, the senior management have said that it isn’t their fault. Rubbish. They haven’t supported their man and they should be looking at their own actions and responsbilities.

But why have I said that Welsh rugby will never prosper? In 1998 I was living in Sydney when the Australian football team, the Socerroos brought home a one all draw from the first leg of their World Cup qualifier against Iran. In the second home leg if Australia held Iran to a nil nil draw or won the game they would be on their way to France for the 1998 World Cup. Their seats on the plane were virtually guaranteed but against the odds it ended up as two all draw with Iran going through on away goal scores. The interesting part for me was reading the paper the following day. England’s own Terry Venables was the Socerroo’s manager and I was expecting him to be panned by the local media. But to my surprise the articles were all positive, about how the Soceroos need to learn from the experience and build towards the next goal. There were no calls for the coach’s head either. But at the moment in Wales people are braying for heads and change. Instead the media and the WRU need to be positive and clear headed about where the game in Wales needs to be going and above all take a professional approach.

But the Welsh media and the WRU will never change and that’s why rugby in Wales will never be as successful as that of our Southern Hemisphere cousins.


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