Making coasters with Vista

I installed Vista on my main machine at home a couple of months ago, installing XP, Vista and Ubuntu, each on their own disk. Originally Vista was the RC2 release, a late beta that wasn’t 100% stable, so last week I installed the Business edition that I’ve had kicking around for a couple of weeks. So far I’ve been fairly happy with it, not booting back into XP once since the install. There are a couple of funnies; HP don’t have any 3-in-1 software for my printer/fax/scanner that will work under Vista (going to try and install the software on an XP VMware instance for those once in a blue moon times that I need it and failing that I’ll borrow a scanner!). The other funny is that Ultramon (multi-monitor app) has problems displaying wallpaper on screens to the right of the primary monitor. Wierd!!

Today I tried burning a CD for the first time. Under XP I always relied on Nero to burn my disks, never having had any success using the built in application. So I thought I’d try the built in functionality under Vista. Three failures later it’s time to find out if Nero works under Vista!


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