Two out of three…

Used the Eurostar (the passenger Eurotunnel train). for the third time this week. The first trip was a couple of years ago when me and Paul went out to Switzerland with Sjoerd for a week in the mountains, staying at a Dutch hotel in the Swiss Alps. That was strange! On the way back the Eurostar that we were meant to be taking was cancelled ‘due to industrial action’. Funny that a train left at exactly the same time that ours was meant to leave, full of American tourists who had chartered the entire train. Hmmm… Industrial action or administrative fowl up?

So that trip back turned into a nightmare. A three hour wait at Gare Du Nord, admittedly in the Business Lounge (my negotiating skills coming to the fore once again!). Then the train had to make an un-scheduled stop in Lille which stretched out the journey time as we sat waiting for other trains to pass in the French countryside. We finally got back to Waterloo around 1.30am, long past my last train home. Eurostar put me in a black cab for the £125.00 journey to my house. My first Eurostar journey didn’t instill me with confidence!

My second Eurostar trip was out to Brussells, again to see Sjoerd. Everything went perfectly and the train arrived bang on time at both ends.

Yesterday… There was a bomb scare when an elderly man decided to take some World War I munitions through the tunnel in the boot of his car. More info on the BBC News site. It closed the tunnel for a couple of hours and meant that my train was almost two hours late leaving Gare Du Nord. They didn’t tell us this until we were on the train of course. Thanks a bunch. It would have been a lot nicer to hang out in the terminal building rather than packed into a full train. At least the buffet car was open but it ran out of Stella before we’d left the station and there were concerns over the stock levels of 1664… My Dad’s advice was ‘get on the whiskey’ for which he was chastised by Mum. Heh.

Finally I got home around 00:30 this morning, eight and a half hours after setting off from the office I’d been working in. It was a long couple of days when the 05:00 start on Thursday morning to get the train out is taken into consideration and maybe gives an insight into the glamourous world of business travel. The return ticket was £300.00 and was in standard class. Booking so close to the travel date is so expensive, be it on trains or planes. Maybe I should take the motorbike next time. The Crazy Frog has got nothing on me!!


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