Moi et ma grande bouche

I went down to see my pal Al on Sunday. On the way there the car just didn’t seem right. It wasn’t pulling like it should and was down on power.

Come Monday I went out with Steve and the car was idling roughly, stuttering, stalling at rest and then back firing when I started it. At motorway speeds the power wasn’t there, feeling really flat under acceleration.

When it came back from the service last week I wasn’t impressed with the things that I spotted they hadn’t done. The service lights hadn’t been reset and the locking wheelnut key was still in the mechanic’s tool tray instead of being in its rightful place in the boot. It didn’t give me confidence that things I couldn’t see had been done right.

So today it was back to the garage. Me and Rod, the workshop manager, went out for a quick spin and the car stalled before we’d left the garage forecourt. Phew!

Turns out it was a faulty crankshaft sensor. Another £250 in the pocket of the dealership. The bill stated 30 mins to ‘test’ the car on the computer… 30 mins standard time to change the sensor plus another 30 mins extra because the component was seized in place. Not impressed at all. Plus they told me that the car would be ready by 2pm and I was still waiting at 3pm.

So do I complain? I want to, but have been put off by two things. Firstly I don’t want to have the mechanic’s version of spitting in my coffee everytime I take my car in. Secondly I don’t know what to ask for. I believe that I should ask for something when I complain otherwise there’s no point. So any thoughts or ideas? If you have, drop me an email.


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