Me and my big mouth!

Below I said that the car was in for an oil service… I got a phone call earlier this afternoon and it turns out it also needs new coolant and brake fluid (all due at 100,000). Okay… Oh and new front brake pads… Right – make sure the old ones are in a box in the boot and that’s fine.

Phone goes again at 5pm. Houston we have a problem. Couldn’t get the coolant out as there’s a blockage. So the car’s not coming out of the garage tonight and could need a new thermostat or water pump tomorrow. Ouch!

So I’m thinking that the bill is going to be around £500. Add that onto the ChipsAway (£235) and the insurance (£369) I’ve already paid this month and I’m not looking forward to my Visa bill landing on the mat.

But putting it all another way, where else am I going to get a decent car that I can run on between £1,000 and £1,500 a year plus fuel? It could be a lot worse!

Some of my friends still send a lot of cash on cars. Drew changes his cars more often than his socks! Dave’s just decided that his 6.0 litre V12 Merc’s 400bhp wasn’t enough so he took it the Wizards of NOS to have an old fire extinguisher and a bit of hose pipe installed to up the power a bit. Now it passes everything except a petrol station!


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