Aber people

Deeps, one of my friends from Uni, had a bit of a bash last night. Among the throng were Hud, Nicki Harkins, Tough, Ren and Aloke. The scarey part is that we’ve been friends for 12 years! We’re all older, greyer and carrying a few more pounds. Oh and Tough’s losing his hair… Sorry couldn’t resist Paul!!

As you would expect, we were reminiscing about the good old days an awful lot, which must have been daunting for my friend’s partners. That being said, it’s great to get to know the people who are important in my friend’s lives today and it must be interesting for them to put names to faces.

I had a good time and haven’t laughed so much in ages. A big thank you to Deeps for organising everyone.

Tough, no doubt suffering from a hangover, sent me a text this morning. It simply said “42”. Again you had to be there :p


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