There aren’t enough hours in the day!

There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment. I’m going to have to find an extra two or three a day to squeeze in the chores and things that I’ve been putting off!

Work’s hectic. Went to Lisbon on Thursday and Friday of last week. Didn’t know I was going until 4pm on Wednesday afternoon which wasn’t very helpful. Plays havoc with my social life. The price of the flights is amazing less than 24 hours before you want to fly. There ain’t much difference between Business Class and Economy Class either.

I spent my one night in Lisbon out at the Expo 98 site. The office I was visiting and the hotel I was stay at where located there. There seemed to be a lot of concrete around and wasn’t the prettiest place in the World. Next time I’ll try and get into the older parts of the city.

The exodus at ntl continues… Billy is leaving tomorrow. I’m missing his leaving drinks tonight as I’ve got to go Dusseldorf this afternoon. Sorry Billy – next time! You know where I’d prefer to be!! Good luck with the new job.

As I said, Dusseldorf tonight so that I can be in a workshop in Maastricht tomorrow… Maybe Malta next week and definately Sweden the following week. At least as definate as definate gets around here…

Thought I’d start writing about the stuff that I’m reading…


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