Safari Park

Here’s a bit of an email off my mate Mark, following a trip to Longleat Safari Park last weekend…

“We were the lucky one’s. One ripped the back wheel cover on Jan’s car to shreds (I guessed they would but it was knackered already so did’nt bother to take it off.) Another then got hold of one of the windscreen wiper water jets and pulled it out of the bonnet. Fortunately it ran off when I squirted nice windscreen wiper fluid in it’s gob as he tried to chew it so I could just push it back into it’s hole in the bonnet afterwards.

I was amazed what they were doing to other cars though. 2 motors in front of us, well, expensive day out or what !! One was a Ford Galaxy and the other a VW Polo. They got hold of the roof runners on both cars (approx 4 ft long each) and literally ripped them off both. They then proceded to rip one of the wing mirrors off the Galaxy as well. The owners were absolutely gobsmacked and not too pleased at all :o(“

Steve – thought you’d find this interesting!


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