Quiet weekend.

Having a quiet weekend. Off to see my mate Sean, his lovely wife Sophia and their little lad for lunch. Haven’t seen Sean for a while and I’m annoyed with myself because of that. The excuse that there aren’t enough hours in the day/days in the week isn’t good enough.

http://e-ventory.co.uk/ is a lot healthier now. The first cut is out of the door and I don’t think the second cut with extra functionality should be far behind it. It’ll be good to get it finished – one less thing to worry about. I keep telling myself that I don’t do websites for people, but keep making exceptions for friends and family. It’s going to have to stop as there really ain’t enough hours in the day (see above!) and there are other things I’d prefer to be spending my time doing (see above!).

Found a place in London that sells animation art. Going to have a nose at some point. The place is called The Animation Art Gallery and sells original hand painted cells that were used to make cartoons. It’s a very pricey game to get into but it’s worth a nose. I’m not saying that I’m buying!!


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