A new month…

July already!

Today’s a special day, being my sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday Sis! I won’t tell people how old you are 😉

Had a very quiet week as I’ve spent most of it in bed. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve managed to lose half a stone in a week. As I said, you don’t want to know and trust me when I say I don’t recommend the method. Feeling better now and I’m back in work. Looking forward to a quiet’ish weekend to fully recharge the batteries.

Was supposed to be in Greece for work next week. That’s been put off for a little while and knowing my timing I’ll end up there for the Olympics! May be a bit hard to find a hotel room though…

Mark’s website is coming along nicely again. Did some work on it last night and version one should be ready over the weekend. If you want to take a look http://e-ventory.co.uk/. All the hard work is hidden away behind the Agent Login button though.


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