Non geeky stuff!

My mate Al came to stay for the weekend. He brought his little girl with him and Jessica, his two and a half year old daughter came along too 🙂 Hi Lou if you’re reading this!! Jessica didn’t stop all weekend. I’m knackered and don’t know how Al and Lou cope with her seven days a week!

Met up with my friend Tracy on Monday night… Or Frank as she’s known by most people including her husband! I still can’t get used to Frank – Tracy will always be Tracy to me. It was really good to catch up as we only manage to see each other in person once or twice a year. We’ve been friends for almost twenty years now… Geez that makes me feel old!

Heard from Dena today. She’s leaving ntl next week after at least four years. I know you’ll be missed Dena. Good luck for the future.

Looks like I’m going to manage a whole week in the UK this week. I was supposed to be in Germany for a couple of days at the tail end of this week. But that’s been cancelled and it looks like I’ll be going next week instead. I was kinda hoping that I’d be out of the Country for the football tomorrow night. I’m going to be shouting for Portugal. Two reasons – Firstly Jose, the Portuguese guy who sits next to me in work will be hopelessly outnumbered. Secondly to wind up all my English mates 😉

Only kidding! It’ll make a lot of my friends happy if England win, so good luck to the English team.

That hurt 😉


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