Dusseldorf yesterday, Maastricht today, tomorrow the World!

Jumping around Europe for work at the moment. Sounds glamourous, but trust me it isn’t! I’ve been spoiled over the years, having the opportunity to travel to some beautiful places under my own terms. Business travel is a melee of planes, trains, taxis, hotels and offices. Having to be in a certain place at a certain time to sit around waiting for nothing to happen starts to lose its appeal.

But to put it into perspective, my grandfather died of emphysema because he’d worked down a coal mine before Health and Safety committees came into being. I’m sure he would have preferred to be in my situation.

Watched the Italian Job 2003 last night. Made me nostalgic about my old Mini and gutted that I didn’t buy the Cooper S that I had on order 18 months ago. I’m missing having a little front wheel drive car as it always seemed to put a smile on my face as I went through a bend a little quicker than I should. I’m sure if I changed my beemer for one I’d regret it quickly; probably the first time I tried to accelerate down a motorway slip road!


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