Boring Boring Football…

Just got back from the pub… Yup it’s only 9pm and I’m home. I’m not a football fan at the best of times and sitting in the pub with very vocal fans isn’t my idea of the perfect end to a beautiful weekend.

On the subject of sport, spent some time looking for the New Zealand -v- England rugby result. Judging by the lack of coverage on the news programmes I’d already guessed the outcome, just wanted to know the score… 36 – 3 to the Kiwis. Should make work interesting tomorrow 🙂

Got a message via Friends Reunited last week. A girl called Debs who was one of my first ever girlfriends many, many moons ago, telling me to fill something in on my profile on Friends Reunited. I’m sure that I had something there a when I first registered and can’t remember if I’d deleted it or if it had disappeared during one of their many site revamps. Debs didn’t believe me that it was a computer problem… Something about a computer geek like me not being able to blame computers. Heh. Anyway – Hi Debs if you’re reading this.

On the subject of people from school… My mate Alec is coming down to stay next weekend, along with his family. Should be a good weekend. Going to try and round up Mr Willetts along with one or two other ex-Croesy people who have flown the nest and are living around and about me. See if they fancy popping around for a catch-up and a beer. Let’s have a party!!!


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