What a great picture!

Just been nosing at my mate Steve’s Blog. There’s a link to my site… Thanks Steve! And a link to his wife’s face painting business where I found this lovely picture of the man himself 🙂

Love it Steve! If you’re reading this Katie, keep up the good work. There are some awesome face painting pictures on your site. I’ll have to give you a shout next time I’m doing fancy dress or having a party… As long as you promise not to turn me into a baboon!

Had a nightmare trip home from work today. Narrowly missed the 6:42 out of Waterloo (my own fault – should have left the office earler and not dawdled!). I’ll use the excuse that it’s been delayed at least twice in the last week! So went and found a cold drink while I waited for the 7:12. The screen displayed the platform at about 7:00, along with a message that the train was only going to be four coaches, rather than the usual twelve! The hottest day of the year so far and South West Trains decide to cram people into a tiny space. Thanks!

Anyway… I jumped onto the 7:08 Southampton train. First stop Farnborough, where I got off and sat in the sunshine, waiting for the four carriage train to turn up, knowing a lot of people would have got off at the intermediate stations… 19 minutes later than it should have been there… here it comes! If I hadn’t used my head, I wouldn’t have just been stuck on a crammed train, I’d have been stuck on a late crammed train!

Took a wireless bridge around to my neighbour’s house tonight, extending my network into their house. Len’s going to try out Broadband before he decides if he’s likely to use it or not.

Got a bit closer to the launch of the website me and my mate Lee have been building for one of my other friends… Can’t say anymore at the moment. WATCH THIS SPACE!!


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