Training across Europe

I’m trying to find the quickest, most cost effective way of getting to Eindhoven at the end of May. Surprisingly it’s looking like the train is going to be the cheapest and the fastest. Living in the UK this comes as a big surprise as the train is often the slowest, most expensive and dirtiest way to get somewhere. According to this website, I can get to Eindhoven from Waterloo in under four hours, with three changes. When you compare that to the hour it’ll take me to travel the 40 miles into Waterloo, the state of our public transport system is shown in it’s true colours.

Now I need to book a ticket – much cheaper than doing it on the day. I tried Rail Bookers. The lady that answered the phone was helpful, but admitted that I’d be better off speaking to one of her colleagues. It went downhill from there. The boy that I spoke to treated me with short shrift, didn’t offer any assistance, telling me to go and look on their website and ring back when I’d worked out my route. He seemed to be in a hurry to be somewhere else. He’s got a lot to learn about customer service.

I’m now looking around for their competitors, but before I do that, I’ll be filling in their feedback from with a link to this page.


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