Unlocking a Nokia

Found a great site for unlocking Nokia phones today. http://www.uniquephones.com/. Worked like a dream. Thanks Mark.

Brian has recommended a Spyware search and destroy tool called Spybot. Will give that a try later.

Ordered some bedroom furniture today. Gave up on the pathetic effort that Homebase made to get some furniture to me. I ordered the furniture back in January and now, three months later, I’m told that the delivery date is still two months away.

So I’ve given up on them, got a refund, stuffed a bit more cash into my budget and visited The Pine Barn on the A30 near Winchester. They are going to make exactly what I want from scratch. It’s going to cost a bit more, but it’s going to be worth it every time I open the drawers. Plus I should have it within six weeks to eight weeks. Watch this space.

Wonder if they want a website…

Also noticed that my Page Rank on Google has gone from 1 to 3 on http://garan.org/. For the last few weeks, http://garan.org/blog/ has been ranked at 3 as it was Googled before I moved the site to the root of http://garan.org/ which was ranked at 1.


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