PDAs and CSS sheets

I’m going to shoot myself for saying this… I’m getting excited by style sheets! Movable Type is based 100% around CSS sheets. No cheating with tables and having to work out where your TDs and TRs should be. Instead, get your head around your <divs> and your <spans>. Bob’s your uncle and away you go!

Hint: Take a look at the source for this page 😉

While you’re look at the source for this page, you may spot the following lines:

if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf(“Windows CE”) != -1)

I’ve created a new index page that Windows CE browsers are directed to. It’s made up solely of the central content block from the main index page. i.e. I’ve stripped out the menu bar that you see on the left. The page works in a bigger browser if you want to have a look at it.

I’d be interested to hear how the page looks on other PDAs.


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