The IMP has been tamed!

Finally got IMP working. Ended up having to re-compile PHP4 and all the associated plugins. That took a lot longer than I had planned. The next problem.. I’m running Courier-IMAP and IMP interacts with the mailserver via IMAP. But I can’t create folders. The folders are created in the Maildir, but the IMAP replies with an error (Invalid mailbox name). Tcpdumping the lo interface shows a flurry of IMAP traffic. So something is going on. I think a sit down with a large cup of strong black coffee is in order.

On the subject of coffee… Tried to use my coffee machine last night and thought that I’d warm up the cup using the steam nozzle. But nothing was coming out! On closer inspection the nozzle was gummed up with old milk. Yuk! A long soak in soapy water and a poke with a pin sorted it out. I’m going to be a little more careful in future.

Got to pull my finger out on the decorating front. Hook Carpets are coming next Monday to fit the new bedroom carpet. Got to get the painting finished before then. Wonder if they’ll accept a website in payment for the carpet…


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